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McLeod's Daughters is an award winning TV drama. It is set in South Ausrtralia. McLeod's Daughters is about the hardships,romances and just about ANYTHING that can happen with a set of women running a large cattle property. It all started out with two half-sisters, Claire Louise McLeod (Lisa Chappell) and Tess (Teresa) Charlotte Silverman McLeod (Bridie Carter) meeting after being separated when their parents divorced, now reunited after their fathers death. Tess went with her mum Ruth Silverman back to the city and Claire stayed with their father Jack McLeod on their farm, Drovers Run. After many weeks, the sisters learned to love each other again. However two years after Tess returned, Claire died in a car accident. Tess was the only McLeod left. However, in 2005 one of the farm hands, Jodi Fountain, discovered her father was actually Jack McLeod, due to the fact her mother Meg had an affair with him. Tess and Jodi then ran the property together. Tess' husband Nick Ryan (Myles Pollard)Argentina, into which he decided he was not going to do because he knew that Tess could not leave the property. He does not tell Tess. But when Tess finds the letter containing the job offer, she convinces him that it's his dream job and that he should do it. Jodi now became the only McLeod. In mid 2006, Tess' and Jodi's cousin Regan McLeod came to Drovers Run asking for a job. Becuse Tess wasn't there and Jodi was there, she accepted. Jodi and Regan ran the farm until early 2007 when Jodi left with the love of her life Matt Bosnich. Matt was on witness protection, but had just been released, until he was found again. He was forced back into witness protection, and Jodi decided she wanted to go with him. Regan is now the only McLeod. Until....mid 2007 when the two sisters Regan and Grace McLeod unexpectedly meet. Grace soon inherits Jodi's part of Drovers Run. Regan leaves to explore the world and become a geologist again. Regan McLeod (Zoe Naylor) is set to return in series 8 next year, and there are high expectations that Jodi Fountain McLeod (Rachael Carpani) will too. But will Matt (Jonny Pasvolsky) come with her? If you have any questions, email me at  mcleods_daughters_obsessed@hotmail.com


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